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Nikon D3200 Review

Nikon D3200 delivers a whole new standard for an entry level digital SLR camera. With 24 megapixel image sensor, the successor to the Nikon D3100 offers a high resolution image in its category. Whether digital SLR camera is value for its price, we consider the Nikon D3200.

Nikon D3200's Image Quality
The image sensor with high resolution show the advantages and disadvantages of it - it is about information, is mapped to the real picture. However, image quality is not so good at ISO 800, noise is apparent in the original image size. For copies in A3, it's hardly visible at ISO 3200. The larger image sensors also bring its disadvantage of storage capacity. This limits the ability to capture, because the autofocus is about 0.5 seconds in the light is just too slow.

A GPS receiver can be plugged into a stereo microphone, or replace integrated mono microphone. Also a wireless connection is possible. In terms of video, Nikon D3200 camera records in full HD resolution.

Nikon D3200 Features

1. 24.2 Megapixel DX CMOS Sensor
2. EXPEED III Image Processing
3. ISO Range from 100-6400 with Hi ISO 12,800
4. WiFi Connectivity With External WU-1A WiFi Adapter
5. 1080p HD Video
6. 4 Frames Per Second

24.2 Megapixel DX sensor

The sensor 24 is a multi-megapixel DX format. This means that it will effectively multiply the lens that you put on this camera by 1.5 times. So if you have a 80-200mm lens, it has a seasonal factors will go for the lens and give you a field of view of 120mm-300mm. I hope I explained that ok. It seems a bit confusing for me when I read it. Basically, if you go to lets say bird or sports photography, the lens on the camera you will be multiplied by one and a half and this time is a certain benefit! However, we need to be fair here. Since DX lens's 1.5x lens, if you are shooting landscape or lets say you are a broker and trying to have a picture in a room 8 x 10, you will need to make sure you compensate by using a fairly wide lens. For example, a 18-35mm lens. With the Nikon D3200, you are not restricted Nikon lenses. For example, you can buy the Sigma, Tamron, Tokina lens as long as they are created for a Nikon digital SLR.

EXPEED Image Processing III

Allows for quick operation. Will allow you to do in camera editing with many features that had previously been either left out of a standard DSLR or been made available only on professional model cameras. I think you will really like the in camera filter effect options.

ISO range from 100-6400 With high ISO 12800

In years past, many digital cameras (including the first professional model that I purchased) had issues at higher ISO levels and that is if they even had the option of having higher ISO’s. The ISO is for different sensitivities to light. If you have a bright sunny day, you may be shooting at ISO 100 while a cloudy day may require ISO 400. As the sun dips down and you want to capture a beautiful picture of the lighthouse and the orange of the sky, you will either want to shoot at a slower shutter speed on a tripod or bump the ISO up to 800, 1600, or more. Older digital cameras had quite a bit of noise in higher ISO’s and often stopped at ISO 1600. Newer cameras including the Nikon D3200 handle low light/high ISO’s much better than previous digital cameras.

With WiFi connectivity option WU-1a WiFi Module

This perhaps excites me more than any other feature of the camera. Having the option to purchase the WU-1a WiFi Module will allow you take pictures and then immediate have images sent to a smartphone (iPhone and Android), as well as laptop or table up to about 49 feet away from your Nikon D3200. I had the privilege of demo’ing this on a professional digital camera and can only say that I was extremely jazzed that my wife could literally be editing images as I shoot them. The WU-1a should retail for about $59.99 and I believe it will be available in late May 2012. Actually, you can preorder the Nikon WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter here.

1080p HD Video

Here is another exciting feature. Just one push of a button puts you into HD 1080P video recording mode in full time autofocus. So instead of carrying around that camera and having to pull out your flip video camera (pointing at myself right now), you can take cinematic quality 24 or 30 frame per second video. And if you want to see your video right away, just take a look at the Nikon D3200 3 inch screen and you will be watching the 921,000 LCD. You will also have access to automatic exposure control (or you can choose manual) as well as having the option to purchase and use a stereo microphone, such as the ME-1 which has received very good reviews. Here is a look at the ME-1 stereo microphone.

4 frames per second

Back in the day with the original digital camera professional, I used to sport shooting at 3 frames per second. Certainly there are cameras 8 frames per second, but I was arrested (and paid) for some hockey, baseball, wrestling, and basketball pictures. Nikon D3200 can capture images at 4 frames per second continuously. No, this would not be classified as a sports camera, but just think about how easy can be to capture your little one sliding into home plate at 4 frames per second, or get that child flying birds. The only concern would be quick through the SD card.

Nikon D3200 DSLR Digital Camera Features and Specs

Dimensions: 125 x 96 x 76.5 mm
24.2 million effective pixels
1080P Full HD Video recording
Sensor: 23.2 x 15.4 mm CMOS Image sensor
Nikon F mount Lens
EXPEED 3 image-processing engine
Image Sensor: 23.2 x 15.4 mm CMOS sensor
LCD Screen Size: TFT color LCD monitor
6x Optical Zoom, 4x Digital Zoom
Shutter Speed: 1/4,000 to 30 s
Image Stabiliser, Face Detection, Autofocus, Smile and shoot mode
Face Recognition Technology
Self Timer
Internal memory: Yes
SD/SDHC/SDXC card Storage
ISO sensitivity: 100 to 6400
Full Quality image capture
USB, Video Out and HDMI ports
Battery: Lithium-ion EN-EL14 Rechargeable Battery
Weight: 505g

Nikon D3200 DSLR Sample HD Video Shoot

Nikon D3200 DSLR Sample HD Photography Shoot

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Nikon Specifications

16.2Mp 36.0 x 23.9mm CMOS Sensor
Nikon FX-format
EXPEED3 Image Processor
3.2" LCD Screen w/ Live View
AF-S & AF-I NIKKOR Lens Compatible
100-12800 ISO
Matrix, Center-Weighted, Spot Metering
CompactFlash Type 1 & XQD Compatible
1080p HD Broadcast Quality Video
Price Arround $5,999.95

Overview:- This new flagship offers the speed and accuracy with 16.2 MP FX-format CMOS sensor, 10 fps continuous shooting, a 91,000-pixel RGB sensor and advanced SRS, improved 51-point AF system, ISO expanded to 204,800 and 30p 1080p video with stereo sound.

With the launch of the New Nikon D4, Nikon has introduced a new flagship digital SLR full-frame camera. At the 16.2 megapixel, high-end professional models to improve the speed and accuracy of its predecessor by improving photo quality and low-light capabilities, adding full HD 1080p video recording to mixing , and provides a wealth of new features. Here are the highlights.

The camera sports a new EXPEED image processor 3, an expanded ISO range that automatically adjust based on focal length lens, and a burst mode of 10 fps in frame format complete with continuous autofocus. It can record 200 consecutive frames in JPEG Normal mode.

The company uses 51-point AF system to emphasize its focus better in low light situations than the immediate predecessor of it, D3 and D3s. You now have full AF at F8.0 or faster upgrade a F5.6 or faster from the previous top model. New control makes the camera easier and more convenient to operate, too: a new joystick control for AF and control system capable of using backlit camera aids in low light shooting situations.

D4 offers the 1080p HD video recording at 30fps and 720p 60fps. A crop mode for the movie is available as DX lens is attached. A new H.264 video compression program gives you higher resolution and higher video quality without increasing file size. You can output 1080p HDMI, uncompressed, directly from the Live View and now you can use the cable version to start and stop video. You can control the video recording, and even change the aperture while recording. Noise reduction is available in movie mode. Nikon did not give up sound: a headphone jack built.

The camera sports a fixed 3.2-inch LCD screen, 91,000-pixel RGB color matrix metering, the level of a two-axis electronic and display the diversion airport, as well as horizontal tilt. A silent mode is available from 12 to 24 fps at megapixel resolution decreases.

It is rated 2600 photos per battery charge.

Nikon D4 called digital SLR cameras their "total professional camera." They are correct in doing so. Designed for working photographers, D4 photog meet the most demanding and then some. Packed with features needed to complete the work, and it made this rig is more than a digital camera, it's a shooter bread and butter.

To build the basic structure of its predecessor, D4 went great in some ways certainly be appreciated. The camera features a 36 16.2Mp x 23.9mm CMOS sensor with Nikon's FX format and the image processing EXPEED3. ISO can be expanded as low as ISO 50 or higher is 204,800 with a range of 100 to 12,800 ISO standards. In addition, 10 frames per second continuous shooting up to 200 FX format shots to ensure the time the decision will not be ignored.

The D4 records in RAW, JPEG, TIFF, and RAW + JPEG file. Metering choices include 3D Color Matrix RGB III measurement, center-weighted, and spot. In addition, the storage media compatibility including the future of professional storage, XQD card, and CompactFlash type I memory cards (UDMA appropriate). Of course, NIKKOR AF-S and AF-I lenses are compatible with body D4, put a line extension of the lens at the photographer's process.

One other improvement on the brother of D4 is slightly larger LCD screen. Increased from 3 ", D4 has a LCD screen 3.2" with a 170 ° viewing angle, covering approximately 100% frame, screen brightness automatically controlled, and Live View. In Live images can be extended up to 46x performance on certification to concentrate. Around the screen illuminated buttons for easy use even in low light conditions. In addition, Live View access quickly confirmed exposure, white balance, color screens, charts, focus mode, AF area mode, focusing accurately and easily.

D4 also boasts auto-focus feature excellent - as 51-point AF, an AF mode selection switch, and select the AF point quickly. All three of the components of the AF system to ensure accurate snapshot whether the subject is a room full of children or a sporting event at high speed.

Of course, the D4 will not be a professional level DSLR if it does not include full HD video capture. D4 to do so, making it the same as a professional video tool as much as a professional photographer. From broadcast quality 1080p video at 30 or 24 fps to control manuals full of options for adding an external mic to capture stereo sound, D4 is not just a digital camera also captured video.

The Live View feature as mentioned above allow video to confirm the arrest of their videos on the camera's LCD screen and an external monitor (optional) simultaneously. It also allows you to control access to process the image look and feel of the video, in camera. Audio peak meter also allows the camera to adjust the sound level by hand in 20-step increase. Remote start and stop watch using the accessory wireless remote and wireless is also an option, among many others.

Nikon D4 Feature Review

Nikon FX-format (36 x 23.9mm) CMOS sensor effective 16.2 Megapixels
D4 achieve an ideal balance of high pixel count and sensor FX format, specially produced sharp, clean images and saturation and provides flexibility in agricultural production for magazine Press the print quality and web publishing.

3.2 "super sharp 921,000-dot LCD screen with automatic brightness control Monitor
Sensing ambient light levels will automatically adjust the LCD screen according to the environmental vision for a bright image playback, sharp, adjusted menu and shooting Live View. Enlarge images up to 46x to get certified focused spot is important for high resolution imaging.

Full HD 1080p Television Broadcast Quality Video
Create broadcast-quality video actually use 30 or 24fps Full 1080p video in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC HD format. D4 16.2Mp sensor combined with the B-frame video data compression to provide high quality to ensure the integrity motion picture ever to clip up to 29 minutes. 59 seconds. in length. Sensor readout allows quick roll down shutter - particularly useful in the process of panning.

View Live View output simultaneously on the external screen - Capture uncompressed video over HDMI
Check the video on the camera's LCD screen and external monitor simultaneously, ideal for focus pullers and camera operators. When the highest image quality may be necessary, you can skip the card and record uncompressed video directly from the image sensor to an external storage device. Options to customize the HDMI output signal is also included.

Full HD recording with FX, DX (1.5x crop) and 1920 x 1080 (2.7x) Set the plant
The FX-format as sharp deep rural school (Department of Finance) as well as wide angle. The DX-format image to give a plant with a 1.5x focal length and is ideal when you can not get close enough to act when the lens is used. Even more of a telephoto effect, 1920 x 1080 format plants give you a 2.7x. Flexibility like this allows you to explore different moods with a large and comprehensive selection of NIKKOR lenses. All three modes for special offers 1080p Full HD output.

Standard ISO 100 to 12,800, extending from ISO 50 - ISO equivalents 204,800
16.2 megapixel D4 provides the same clean, low-noise performance as its predecessor D3s at ISO 12,800 and extend the scope of one of the EV, ISO 100 standard. For extreme conditions / challenges, 50 ISO equivalent or enhanced sensitivity equivalent to ISO as high as 204,800. With D4, take confidence in virtually any light - even in places where human eyes have difficulty focusing.

11/10 Frames Per continuous shooting in FX format Monday for up to 200 frames
Perform blast shooting 10 fps with full AF and AE performance on FX format. To speed up the frame rate up to 11 fps in FX format, focusing on key positions found in the first frame.

Faster, more responsive 51 point AF system
D4 AF sensor points using 51 strategically placed AF is designed to capture the object as you choose: work together as a network to capture moving objects or to determine accurately. Using a single AF point to the correct place on the topic of your choice. Each of the 51 AF points offers fast detection and accurate AF to a level less dramatic -2 EV (ISO 100, 20 ยบ C) with every AF NIKKOR lens - expect to go more smoothly tasks Stadium at night, low light indoor arenas, churches, theaters and any other low-light locations.

EXPEED 3 results still images with faithful color saturation, and depth of nature. Tones are subtle and nuanced, from high-purity black with pure white. For the image is produced even under the harsh light output conservation hierarchy D4 light colors, rich tone and detail. When shooting in low light at high ISO, noise reduction of smart camera noise reduction without losing image sharpness. Full HD 1080p video is rendered with reduced moire, color, fake teeth, and sharp edges. Noise reduction technology is designed specifically for protected video clarity.

Nikon D4 Digital SLR Sample Photography