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Nikon D700 vs Canon 5D Mark II

Introduction :- Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D700 is the world's two most popular DSLR for digital Serious photographers.

Each best on earth for many things. Determine which is better depends on what you want to do with it.

Comparing the two is like comparing the best car from Ferrari the best car from Porsche. Each is the best in the world, but every other car was designed for a different kind of driver. This is the same between the D700 and 5D Mark II from canon.

Canon 5D Mark II was much better in 2011 when the new firmware v2 has been released as a free upgrade. Nikon D700 was excellent, while the 5D Mark II lost the rough edges have been introduced and has now become a special camera.

In the past few months, we have taken the two hottest cameras on the market. If you've been paying attention to either one of the purchase, this is everything you need to know.

The camera makers love to invent new categories. And while that can often lead to endless bloat, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Nikon D700 DSLR represent a sweet point that has never before been affected body part with a professional full-frame sensor. And that is the category with the most bang for the buck we've seen so far.

Yes, let's just get this out of the way: Both Nikon D700 and 5D Mark II gives you more for your money on features, image quality and excellence than any anything else that we have used. Period. We know not everyone is prepared to drop $ 2,400 (Nikon D700) to $ 2,600 (Canon 5D Mark II) a camera body these days, but if you are thinking of investing in long-distance and, more importantly, have a collection good practice or Nikon or Canon lenses, the two cameras you want to see.

Why? Because they give you almost everything from Nikon and Canon's top end uber-pro for the entire lot, the most important is the full frame sensor (FX Nikon parlance). With a sensor the same size as a 35mm film, your old Nikon or Canon glass will produce good results on the new bodies (assuming they are new enough to autofocus and a few meters of the machine). And if you do not have a collection have been selected to build your new lens will be more enjoyable without significant factor APS-C sensor (DX, again, in the world of Nikon ) 1.6x crop changes the focal length of their effectiveness.

The sensors in both cameras also have their responsibilities completely stunning high-ISO sensitivity performance, if you would have told me a few years ago that I can get 100% can be use photographs and virtually free of noise in the shadows at ISO 4000 with hand holdable shutter speed, I will laugh at Nostradamus your search. But that's actually here, and it's great.

But second, to choose? Now that is the question, is not it. Here we will share what we've learned from shooting with the 5D Mark II and D700, for work and play, and hope you can make your own call.

Image Quality / Sensor Sensitivity :- D700 performs better in low light conditions, because flounders 5D Mark II AF system in D700 conditions continue to focus on. 5D Mark II's AF sensor is the heart swell, but its side sensor less accurate and less sensitive in low light conditions.

Canon 5D Mark II has more resolution, but it also has more noise in the shadow of it, even at normal ISO, than D700. The resolution does not really matter further unless you are hanging the exhibition collection in size large at least three feet (one meter) and is standing too close. Noise ball 5D Mark II does not matter, or unless you're looking too close.

I like the 5D Mark II for higher resolution and lower weight for nature and landscape photography. I like the 5D Mark II to travel with family if I intend serious photography on the same trip, because Total Recall Memories of it allows me to swap between all the settings I need to a gun or another, and 5D Mark II less weight than any full-frame camera from Nikon to easily carry everywhere. I never get tired and leave the 5D Mark II back in the hotel.

For low light, D700 focus better, and in any light, it has less noise in the shadow of it than the 5D Mark II. D700 also has a superior AF system in any light 5D Mark II, and has a faster frame rate.

For news, activities and sports, Nikon D3s is still king, but in a completely different speed and price class than the D700 or 5D Mark II.

Again, both of these cameras will blow your mind with high-ISO performance of them. Both went to a ridiculous ISO 25600 assessment. The magic is not in the scope of their top luxury though, as you can see in our gallery is still prit-tay, prit-tay noisy. No, this is crazy here with all DSLRs, you can take 3200, 4000, 6400 in the light and still have the pictures look real on-screen noise. That is just crazy, and you can not describe exactly what this means is that you are a photographer until you've fired your friends handheld shutter speed fast enough around a table candles, and get the image that looks absolutely beautiful. Previously, it took a crazy expensive lenses even come close to this, and even then, the sensor (or even higher ISO film) can not keep up.

With the 5D Mark II and D700, you're basically shooting with night vision. Like I do here Snowscrapers a few weeks back. As you can see, floodlights, but it was dark. These guys are moving fast. But I can customize the ISO high enough to rotate them without blurring them out, and get stuff like this, no sky turns into a snowstorm of noise.


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