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Since Nikon released new Nikon D7000, I have received many emails from people asking if they should go with the D7000, or Nikon D300S. To make it easier for our readers, I decided to send a quick comparison between the two, "D7000 vs Nikon D300S" article.

Nikon D300S Review

Nikon D7000 Review

DSLR Nikon D7000 is a new generation that sits between the D90 and D300S, which can be classified as a "DSLR sales professional." It features a new sensor of the Nikon brand, are designed specifically for Nikon D7000 and possibly the next camera. D7000 Nikon camera is Monday announced this year with Nikon's new EXPEED II processor, allows faster image and video processing to 1080p (previous EXPEED processor can not handle more than 720p video) .

Here are some of the differences between Nikon D300S and D7000:

  1. The difference first and foremost between the D7000 and the sensor D300S. Nikon D7000 is a 16.2 megapixel sensor, while D300S has a 12.3 Megapixel sensor.
  2. The sensors on the D7000 specification also different - its range is from 100 ISO 6400 in native mode and up to 25,600 extensions or "enhanced" mode, while D300S from ISO 200 to 3200 with a boost to ISO 6400, a difference of a dot in the wild and two full stops in expansion mode.
  3. Background on the Nikon D7000 ISO 100, while it is 200 for Nikon D300S.
  4. II new EXPEED processor on Nikon D7000 is capable full HD (1920x1080p) @ 24 fps (frames per second), while D300S can only go up to 720p (1280x720p) @ 24 fps. D7000 can also shoot 720p at 30, 25 and 24 fps and 424p at 30 and 25 fps, Nikon D300S only records video at 24 fps.
  5. Both cameras have a magnesium alloy body, the D7000 is only the beginning and back covers made of magnesium alloy, while D300S is completely covered.
  6. Nikon D7000 comes with a new TTL exposure metering with 2,016-pixel RGB sensor, while a sensor D300S 1005-pixel RGB old.
  7. Both cameras use storage system for writing dual slot, but with different types of cards - Nikon D7000 uses dual SD card slot, while Nikon D300S use Compact Flash and SD card.
  8. Weight-wise, the Nikon D7000 is about 140 grams lighter than the D300S.
  9. Nikon D7000 shoot at 6 fps, while D300S can take 7 fps and can go up to 8 fps with MB-D10 battery grip.
  10. Nikon D7000 can frame up to 3 frames, while D300S can frame up to 9 frames.
  11. Nkon D7000 is slightly smaller than the D300S, measuring 147x114x74mm 132x105x77mm with the D300S.
  12. When it comes to systems and the focus point AF, Nikon AF sensor D300S a superior level with 51 focus points and 15 cross-type sensors, while the D7000 has 39 focus points and 9 cross-sensors type.
  13. Nikon D7000 Scene modes (such as Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Sunset, etc.) to make it easier to take pictures for beginners, while D300S not.
  14. Nikon D7000 has a lot of options to control the white balance more accurately than D300S WB.
  15. Nikon D7000 is controlled remotely by using the MC-DC2 cable outlet through GPS, while D300S can be controlled with any Nikon 10-pin remote control unit.
  16. The price difference between the two cameras are significant - Nikon D7000 costs $ 1,199, while Nikon D300S cost $ 1,699 (although the current price is around $ 1,459).
So, in summary, high-end cameras? Clearly, it is Nikon D7000. While Nikon D300S has a better AF system and faster thumbnail every Monday, Nikon D7000 has the lead in the most important features such as ISO performance sensors, and video. D7000 is also lighter, more compact and cheaper - at this point, it just does not make sense to buy the D300S again (unless you turn and you should act better AF system on the D300S).

Why does Nikon do this? Does not the D7000 eat up D300S for sale ? Sure it does, but the wait between the D300 next-generation line is short (D400 will probably be announced early in 2011) and Nikon can make lots of money by selling instead D300S D7000 obsolete, which will be removed as soon as D400 comes out. D300 may be superior in performance to its AF, but it's worth all the D7000 provides new features? I do not think so ...

Nikon D7000 is currently selling for about $ 1,199 for the body only, whereas the D300S is selling for $ 1,459, so about a $ 260 difference.

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